Selected Works 2011-22


Wonder Hotline

On behalf of New Moon, I pitched, designed, and directed a captivating roadshow experience, which introduced UK consumers to the “delicious and wonderful” world of Scotch whisky Glenmorangie. The immersive installation made its debut in Old Spitalfields Market, showcasing Glenmorangie's recent collaboration with the celebrated fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. A London phone box was transformed with Glenmorangie's signature orange and featured a live drag queen host who led guests through a delightful sequence of phone prompts, culminating in the distribution of a bespoke Glenmorangie coin token, which could be redeemed at key trade locations around Shoreditch.

Agency: New Moon
Role: Creative Director
London, 2022


Battersea Kiosk

As Creative Director, I oversaw the pitch, design and execution of a sculptural newstand for Calvin Klein's new Battersea flagship store in London. In partnership with Perfect Magazine, we created a sleek, modern kiosk and bespoke zine that advertised the opening of the store. My team and I worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the kiosk, from the design to the materials used, reflected the brand's values and aesthetic. The kiosk was a resounding success—an engaging and immersive experience that helped drive shoppers to the store.

Agency: New Moon
Role: Creative Director
London, 2022


House of The Macallan

Tasked by the “Louis Vuitton” of Scotch whisky brands The Macallan to create a multi-city roadshow that educated, engaged and inspired trade partners. The solution was to create a prestige gallery experience that superimposed contemporary expressions of The Macallan brand onto classically opulent settings around North America.

Agency: MATTE Projects
Role: Creative Director
Multi-City, 2021–22


Brand Architecture

Co-founded a K-Beauty skincare line that posed the question, “What would beauty products look like in Star Trek: The Next Generation or Neon Genesis Evangelion? Responsible for design of all products and creation of brand image.

Role: Co-Founder
Los Angeles, 2018–20


Refresh Campaign

Worked closely with Creative Recreation’s marketing team to reformat the brand strategy and devise a 360 degree advertising campaign that featured six rising artists who became a fresh voice for the brand as they recounted their own creative journeys.

Agency: Roc Nation
Role: Creative Director
Los Angeles, 2017

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