Selected Works 2011-22


Wonder Hotline

In late 2022, I directed an immersive roadshow experience for Glenmorangie, an LVMH-owned whisky brand. The installation brought the "delicious and wonderful" campaign to UK consumers, highlighting the brand's collaboration with fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. Taking inspiration from Willy Wonka, my team and I remixed the quintessentially British phone box with Glenmorangie's signature orange and verdant florals.

The experience featured live drag queen hosts who guided 688 guests through a sequence of playful phone prompts, resulting in the distribution of a bespoke coin token. The pop-up installation resulted in 897k total impressions and 842 product serves at key trade locations around Shoreditch, an impressive 85% conversion rate to partner bars.

Agency: New Moon
Role: Creative Director
London, 2022

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